• Inland Bays & Waterways: North to South
    Marinas & Boat Accessible Restaurants 
    Inland Bays
     This section describes restaurants on the water and marinas throughout the inland bays and waterways.
    Each body of water in the left margin, from Lewes north and south to the Isle of Wright Bay at Assateague Island, offers different experiences in boating to water accessible restaurants and to marinas with gas availability.
    As you explore the waters, please use the discussion forum below to log your experiences on the waters so you neighbors can enjoy the same. (To participate in discussions you must sign-in. Please note that when you ADD new topics, they will not post immediately)
  • Inland Waters: Share Your Experiences

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  • Channel shifted

    Posted by: Sharon Knapp
    The channel coming to and from the inlet, near the cutover to Rehoboth bay has shifted to the other (wrong) side of the red marker. We ran aground along with about a dozen other boats and 2 jet skis.
    Also, unusually low tide this past week was due to full moon and earth's rotation. Hopefully that won't happen again for awhile!
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