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Bethany Area Repertory Theater

The Bethany Area Repertory Theater (BART) was founded in 2012 by Bethany-area resident volunteers who have a passion for bringing live theater to the local community. BART is a 501(c)(3) non-profit association with a three-fold mission: 

  • To provide opportunities for local residents to participate in live theater on-stage, off-stage, or in management capacities;
  • To deliver quality live theater to the greater Bethany area;
  • To support education by funding scholarships for local high school students who wish to pursue a career in the arts.

In 2015, in support of our mission, the BART Board of Directors approved a new initiative called 20-by-20. Through this, BART will engage the community to deliver quality live theater with the ultimate goal of funding 20 scholarships by the end of the 2020 BART season-- to local high school students who wish to pursue careers in the arts.

BART performs live theater at various locations around the community. From its beginnings in 2012, BART was at the Dickens Parlour Theatre in Millville (BART at the Dickens). Beginning in the Fall of 2017, BART will be performing at the Woodsong Country Inn in Frankford~ BART at the Woodsong.